What is UAP ?

What is UAP:

We are developing a protocol to become a standard for communication between all automation devices, currently there is no unique communication protocol for IoT (Internet of things) and automation devices, different companies using different techniques so they will not compatible with each other, even if user wants to use different devices and want to connect them together, he/she must use some peripheral devices for translating different protocols between different devices,

With speed of growing technology, in next years this issue will be a huge problem.

UAP is a generic protocol that, every manufacture can easily implement this protocol on their devices to become compatible with other UAP based devices, this protocol is works both online and offline.

Also we are working on different chipset and trying to provide a simple solution for manufactures, our solution is that manufactures can easily implement Low cost UAP chipset on their devices, so without any extra configuration their devices will communicate easily with all UAP based devices. UAP provides all necessary applications like (iOS and Android), professional configuration application, so manufactures don’t need any extra costs for developing their own applications or provide any other software and hardware features,

All features will be provided by UAP platform, from cloud to hardware.